jar (jarreader) wrote,

More whining:

As many of you know I've had a suspended license for the past year. It was reinstated a couple days ago, which meant dusting off my trusty (yet crappy) car once more and restoring it to working order. Unfortunately, it is now in the hold of a mechanic due to needing some minor work on the exhaust system. Unfortunately he is telling me that the frame is fucked due to a rear ending a couple years ago and will never pass inspection. I really hadn't expected this to be a problem and don't have the money for another car and won't for at least a year or so, most likely. The idea of surviving another year in this non-driving way is absolutely horrifying but I think I'm out of favors and options. However, if anyone does know of a car that might be able to be rehabilitated for less than what this sort of thing usually costs - or a cheap car that is actually worth owning for a little while - or a pot of money under the rainbow, etc. The main issue is that I'd like to be enrolled in at least some school this coming semester, and unfortunately that is impossible without reliable transport.

Suggestions appreciated. (And no, the infamous sketchy local place probably won't pass it.)
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